About the Erwin Home

The Erwin HomeThe Erwin Home was created by the will of New Britain philanthropist Cornelius Erwin in 1885, when its doors first opened to “worthy women of limited means” from the Greater New Britain area. Since then, literally thousands of women of all ages, races, beliefs and ways of life have taken advantage of the privacy, comfort and safety offered by its 65 apartments for individuals.

A recent expansion to the Erwin Home is 7 separate buildings called the Cornelius Way Properties. These are affiliated with the Erwin Home, however are separately managed apartments intended for single women with families and children under the age of 16.

The Erwin Home is a very special residence for single women. Each resident’s rent is based solely on that resident’s ability to pay. While provide for themselves (groceries, phone, internet, auto, medical and so on) the Erwin Home relieves them of the worry and heavy financial burden of today’s rents.


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