FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Erwin Home

 Can any woman become a resident?

There are only two restrictions mandated by Mr. Erwin’s will:

  1. You must have connections as in being a resident or former resident to the city of New Britain in order to become a resident of the Erwin Home and
  2. The woman must be able to care for herself to remain a resident of the Erwin Home.

How long can I stay at the Erwin Home?

As long you meet the financial criteria that is gathered yearly, you may remain as a resident.  Some of our women residents have lived here for decades, while others stay for a year or two.

Will I fit in?FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Erwin Home

Unquestionably, the Erwin Home residents range in age from 18 to 80 and represent virtually every religion, race and nationality imaginable and pursue virtually every interest under the sun.

How much rent will I pay?

The Erwin Home strives to maintain the lowest rental rates possible in keeping with our mission.  However each resident’s rent is set individually on their income, assets and ability to pay and is not based on any personal debt you may have.  It is desirable to have an income to live at the Erwin Home.

Does the Erwin Home have a lot of rules?

There are several important ones!

  1. There are rules and guidelines put into place that are given to each resident.
  2. You must be able to care for yourself and your apartment while you live at the Erwin Home. This is very important as the staff of the Erwin Home is not allowed to help you with nursing, medications or medically related transportation.
  3. All outside doors are locked at all times.  This resident only key is not to be given to anyone for use for any reason. The apartment door key may be shared with internal resident friends within the building or given to a family member.
  4. Each resident is scheduled and required as part of her rental agreement to perform receptionist duties in the main lobby for two hours each week for one month on an alphabetical rotation.
  5. There are no men allowed in the resident’s apartment overnight.
  6. Male guests are not allowed within the Erwin Home building between the hours of midnight and 9:00 a.m.
  7. One (1) female guest is allowed to stay overnight in the resident apartment on occasion with notification and permission from the management staff.
  8. Male grandchildren under the age of 16 are allowed to stay overnight occasionally in the resident apartment with notification and permission from the management staff.
  9. Female grandchildren are allowed to stay overnight in the resident apartment occasionally, with notification and permission from the management staff.

Can I keep my car?

Yes.  Parking is at the resident’s own risk and covered by their personal auto insurance.  The Erwin Home is not responsible for any damage done to vehicles on the property.  All spaces are assigned and provided for $10 per month per car at the Erwin Home.

What else do I pay for?

In addition to rent you are expected to pay for your own food, clothing, furnishing, phone, internet,  all personal bills, auto expenses (if you are driving a vehicle).  Heat, electricity and cable television are all included with the rent.  There are laundry capabilities that are available on premises that currently there is no charge for.  Also in the Cooper Room there is a community computer for residents only, that is available at no extra charge.  Wi-fi is also available for portable ipad and lap top users that wish to bring their portable computers into the Cooper Room; This has also been known to reach several apartments as well.

Can my family and friends visit me?

From 9 am to 12 midnight every single day, if you like.   All male guests are asked to vacate the building by midnight, and visitors are requested not to enter prior to 9:00 am.  However, if you choose to have a female guest remain overnight on occasion, this is permitted.  There is a guest room available for a female over night out of state guest for short term stay at a reasonable fee.

Resident Transportation

The Erwin Home does maintain one (1) van for the convenience of taking the residents for day trips, once a month shopping to specialty places like Walmart and Kmart, and Thursday morning weekly grocery shopping.

Does the Erwin Home allow smoking?

No!  The Erwin Home is a 100% smoke free facility.  However, there is one (1) designated smoking area for grandmothered residents and visitors that do smoke.  This is located on the East side of the Erwin Home property on Cornelius Way marked by a bench.

Are pets allowed?

No.  In the interest of community harmony, pets are not allowed, however, one (1) 10 gallon fish tank is permitted within the resident apartment if desired.

How big will my apartment be?

All apartments are one (1) bedroom and are unfurnished.  Most apartments have a bedroom, living room/kitchen combination and bathroom.  All kitchens are equipped with a small apartment size electric stove, full size refrigerator and garbage disposal.

Air conditioners

The Erwin Home does not provide air conditioners units for any apartment.  Each resident supplies their own.


Each resident is provided with a specific assigned storage area in the Erwin Home basement area.