Resident Profile

Erwin Home Residents

The only thing that Erwin Home residents have in common is their desire for security, comfort, privacy and relief from financial burden…..and the connection to the New Britain area specified by Cornelius Erwin’s will.

Our residents have been as young as 18 and as old as 80 (ish)

We embrace all of the world’s major religions and represent virtually all of its races.

Some stay for a matter of months, others stay for decades as long as the financial criteria is fully met.

Many have jobs and many do not, however an income is requested to live at the Erwin Home.

Some have cars and some prefer the ease of being taken out on the arranged trips by the Erwin Home mini-van to their shopping or visiting destinations.

There is one thing the residents of the Erwin Home share.  At one time in our lives, every one of us has been concerned with our physical safety, security and peace of mind.  We are safe at The Erwin Home.