Who Qualifies

To apply for residency at the Erwin Home, there are only three criteria you must meet, however, these criteria are part of Mr. Erwin’s will and no exceptions can be allowed.

  1. You must be a single woman to live at the Erwin Home.
  2. You must have a connection to the greater New Britain area. To  meet this requirement, you must either live in this area now or have lived in it in the past.
  3. The Erwin Home staff does not provide or assist with any nursing medical care or related transportation.

If you meet these conditions, you may apply for the next available apartment at the Erwin Home.    If you have any questions about the Erwin Home’s residency requirements, please contact us at by calling the office at 860 229 1227 or email at erwin.home@snet.net.

Once information has been gathered from an interested resident, and when an apartment becomes available, you will be contacted for an interview and to view a vacant apartment.